Play with kids

6 fun ways to burn calories during CNY

Burning calories doesn’t have to involve a 10 min HITT workout or 60 min hot yoga session.  Try out these fun ways to increase your level of physical activity and burn some calories, while still having fun with your family and friends!

1. Go outdoors

Engaging in family bonding activities that encourage everyone to move and get some fresh air. Kite flying or a walk in the park are some activities at are suitable for everyone young and old.

Outdoors with Family

2. Find your inner child

There’s no better way to get some intense physical activity than playing with young children. Work up a sweat with a game of catch or tone those biceps by carrying a little one. You could burn up to 70 kcal for every 15 mins of intense activity. Remember to pace yourself, the children may not be ready to stop the fun when you are!

Play with kids

3. Karaoke!

An hour of standing to belt out your tunes can burn up to 150 kcal, the equivalent to calories burned from a 20 min brisk walk.

4. Be the life of the party

Have a good laugh with your friends and loved ones. Studies show that 15 mins of laughter can burn 10 to 40 kcal.

5. Take the long route

Park your car further away or alight one bus stop earlier. The short walk will help burn you some calories between the house visits. For the more adventurous, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator. Stair climbing burns 7x more calories than taking the lift!

6. Sleep well

Have at least 8 hours of sleep every night to keep your metabolism rate optimal. Sleep deprivation affects your metabolism, which means you may end up burning less calories from all that feasting.

Sleep regularly


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