Cleanse Month 2017

6 Ways to Detox Naturally

Our bodies are designed to detoxify themselves naturally. In fact, most of our major organs, especially the liver, are designed to rid out toxins and flush out impurities in our bodies.

With modern day living, we face an overload of synthetic toxins and chemicals on a daily basis through hair products, cosmetics, processed food, plastics and just everyday stress. That’s why we need to do what we can to support our body’s natural detoxification abilities.

The good news there are plenty of natural ways to help support your body’s detox. Introducing these simple lifestyle changes that will go a long way:

1. Replace your morning cuppa with green tea

If you need a little caffeine boost in the mornings, green tea offers enough caffeine levels to stimulate a response but doesn’t give you the jitters. It also has a host of benefits – high in antioxidants and also known to boost metabolism.

2. Drink lots and lots of water

If there were a miracle drink, water would be it. Water is essential in flushing out toxins from our systems and keeping all our organs functioning properly.  Increase your water intake to reap health benefits both long term and short.

HICSOUP Carrot N Spice
Eat more whole foods that don’t contain preservatives and additives.

4. Eat as much whole foods as possible

Processed foods contain preservatives, additives, refined sugar and high levels of sodium and fat, which do a disservice to your body.  Instead eat more whole foods, which are foods that are processed and refined  as little as possible. This includes vegetables, fruit, unpolished grains, beans, meat and dairy.

Read more: 5 Processed Foods you don’t need in your life

healthy lifestyle sports woman running on wooden boardwalk sunri
Work up a sweat 3 times a week to dispel toxins from your body

5. Sweat it out

Exercise helps to detoxify the body of toxins. When you sweat, built-up toxins in our system are released giving your body a natural cleanse! According to independent research by environmental thought-leader Bruce Lourie, our bodies expel toxic plastics in our sweat. Support your body’s natural water cycle by drinking lots of water, excercising regularly and sweating it out in a sauna, if you have access to one.

Cleanse Month 2017_Mediation
Chronic stress disrupts our body’s natural rhythm.

6. Find ways to manage your stress levels

When we experience stress, our body goes into “flight or fight” mode, triggering a physical reaction – our heart beats faster, our muscles tense up and blood flows away from any non-essential body systems. Under long term stress, the body continuously pours resources to fight it, which takes a profound physical toll over time. It’s critical to find ways to manage your stress levels – be it through exercise, meditation or a hobby.

7. Sleep well

Having 7-8 hours is a necessity that has come to be viewed as a luxury. With our hectic lifestyle, sleep usually gets compromised as we stretch our days to cramp in more waking hours. Sufficient shut eye is essential for our systems to recuperate and repair itself for the next day.

Need a reset?

Let HICJUICE’s Detox plans help reset your mind and body, and get you on your way to a mindful, healthy lifestyle.

HICJUICE Alkaline Detox
The Alkaline Cleanse is formulated mainly with greens for a deeper cleanse

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