Superfood Powder Blends by HIC

Superfood Blends for A BETTER YOU

Curated superfood blends and juices designed for


Introducing our BETTER range of superfood blends and juice selections designed to fit seamlessly into your hectic urban lifestyle. Available in four benefits to help you
Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better and Sleep Better.

Superfood Blends | Juice Trios

Superfood Powder Blends by HIC

Superfood Blends

A blend of nutrient-dense superfood powders that delivers a concentrated boost of essential nutrients & minerals for your body. It’s simple to consume with meals, a spoonful each day supplements your daily dietary requirements and optimises your body’s vital functions. Our powders are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. 



Superfood Blends by HIC

Anti-aging | Beauty boost 

A beauty blend that’s high in Vitamin A & C with strong antioxidising properties to neutralise free-radicals and cell damage, thus slowing the effects of aging.

Acai, camu camu, beetroot powder, goji berry, matcha powder and maqui.

Add a teaspoonful to breakfast granola, yoghurt, smoothies or salad.


Superfood Blends by HICDetox aid | Immunity Boost

An all-star selection of highly detoxifying agents to protect your liver, the body’s natural detox organ, coupled with anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties for overall health.

Chlorella, wheatgrass, chia powder, spirulina, black pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger powder and turmeric.

Add a teaspoonful to soups, salad, grains, curries, smoothies or tea.


Superfood blends by HIC

Energy Boost | Recovery Aid

A combination of plant-based protein that helps improve energy and endurance, reduce fatigue, decrease muscle breakdown and regulate blood glucose levels.

Brown rice protein, hemp powder, pea protein, cacao powder, chia powder, maca, quinoa powder and reishi mushroom.

Add a teaspoonful to granola, yoghurt, salad, smoothies or coffee.


Superfood Blends by HICDestress | Mood enhancer

A calming concoction designed to elevate your mood and balance brain chemistry by releasing feel good neurochemicals to help you destress and have a better night’s sleep.

Cacao powder, chia powder, ginger powder, wheatgrass, cinnamon powder, flaxseed and spirulina.

Add a teaspoon to soup, beverages, yoghurt, salad, milk or desserts.



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