HICJuice Better trio juice pack

Juices for A BETTER YOU

Curated superfood blends and juices designed for


Our popular 250ml trio packs are now BETTER. These trios feature handpicked selections by our in-house nutritionist to help you
Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better and Sleep Better.

Superfood Blends | Juice Trios

HICJuice Better trio juice pack


Anti-aging | Beauty Boost

Look Better Trio

Enchanted Waters | 50 Shades of Red | Popeye Smoothie

High in Vitamin A, C and other antioxidants which enhance the health and appearance of skin, hair and nails. Vit A & C improve new cell replenishment, blemish healing and wound quality, while antioxidants are essential in delaying signs of aging, such as wrinkling, skin pigmentation, hair graying and loss.

Best consumed:

  • On an empty stomach to maximise nutrient absorption,
  • Within half an hour after removal from the fridge to minimize antioxidant loss.


Detox aid | Immunity Boost

Feel Better Trio

Citrus Chia | Pomegranate Passion | Kale Tales

Higher in electrolytes (sodium, potassium and magnesium), which keep you hydrated and feeling refreshed, thus improving mental clarity. These juices also contain ingredients that enhance liver detoxification, digestion and immunity, giving you a boost to your overall health.

Best consumed:

  • Citrus Chia & Kale Tales – on an empty stomach to maximise nutrient absorption,
  • Pomegranate Passion –  in conjunction with a meal to reduce glycemic effect. It also works a post-workout drink.


Energy Boost | Recovery Aid

Perform Better Trio

Green Genie | Nut Milk | Heart Beet

This selection consists of components such as nitrate and chlorophyll which can increase energy production and improve exercise performance by delaying fatigue. It also contains protein to enhance the repair of torn muscle tissues or injuries caused by intensive physical exertion.

Best consumed:

  • Heart Beet & Green Genie – ½ to 1 hour before workout session;
  • Nut Milk as a post workout snack.


Destress | Mood Enhancer

Sleep Better Trio

Aloha! | Chunky Munky | Blue Magic

Ingredients such as almond, banana and mint have a calming and relaxing effect that help to promote a good night’s sleep. This selection contains tryptophan and magnesium that help to relax muscles, reduce stress and ease headaches. They also provide electrolytes that help to improve anxiety and restless sleep.

Best consumed:

  • Blue Magic & Aloha! –  ½- 1 hour before going to bed;
  • Chunky Munky – as a meal replacement for dinner (at least 2 hours before bed) or together with a serving of fruit, vegetables or nuts.



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