Get Lean Right

HIC is all about living life simpler, healthier and happier. If sustainable weight management is a concern, we want to help you achieve your desired body image the simpler and healthier way! 

What is LEAN?

LEAN is a personlised and nutritionist-guided 16-week program that combines HIC’s detox and 5:2 diet plans to achieve effective and sustainable weight loss. 

The detox cleanses the digestive system, flushes out built-up toxins and provides a nutrient boost to tune your body to reap the optimal effects of the 5:2 intermitten fast diet. Studies have shown that the 5:2 diet optimizes hormones that help in shedding fat while maintaining muscle mass.

Everyone is unique

That’s what makes the personalised consultations critical to the success of your weight managment journey! Our nutritionists will understand your lifestyle, dietary habits, health condition and medical history before recommending the appropriate menu at the various stages, tailored to best suit your nutritional needs.

The LEAN program

Our LEAN program is made up of 4 phases: AWAKEN – STIMULATE – ATTUNE – REGULATE, designed to ease you into the program and attune your body to the reduced calorie intake.

LEAN Program Phases

AWAKEN | Kickstarts with a cleanse to “reset” the gut in preparation for optimal effects of the upcoming program.

STIMULATE | Boost metabolism for fat reduction through a 4-week 5:2 diet,  preceded by a 3-day cleanse for a deeper detox and boost of micronutrients.

ATTUNE | By now the body is conditioned, this phase focuses on intensifying the alkalising effect through a 5-day cleanse and 6 week 5:2.  

REGULATE | Easing back into your new normal, a short phase (1-day cleanse + 2-weeks 5:2 diet) that prepares you to resume regular eating. This is key in preventing overeating for sustained weight loss results.


TomTom Touch Cardio Fitness Tracker

Get a TomTom Touch Cardio + Body Composition Fitness Tracker (worth $189) when you spend min. of $350 in the weight loss category by 30 June 2017!* Shop now >

Features include: Body composition analysis, 24/7 activity tracking, Heart rate monitoring, Sports mode, Phone notifications, Customisable straps (more).

*Min. spend of $350 in a single transaction. Redemption of Fitness Tracker will commence on 26 June 2017 onward (while stocks last)


Double the determination with a buddy

Purchase the same LEAN/LEAN lite program and enjoy a 10% discount*! Shop now >

Buddy Cleanse Discount

*Buddy discount applies to the same program with the same start date and duration. Both programs must be made in a single transaction. All deliveries will be to a single address. 



Consult a HIC nutritionist

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with a HIC nutritionist, leave your details below and we’ll be in touch with you! Consultations are complimentary and non-obligatory.

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