What’s to know about the improved nourish range

Back in January, we launched the nourish cleanse comprising of HIC soups made from whole foods and nothing else. We’re grateful for the warm reception our soups have received and deeply appreciative of the valuable feedback garnered. We’ve channeled all that love back into our product development to improve our nourish range, so we hope you like it!

Here’s what’s new:

HIC Soup Capsicum tomato
Capsicum Tomato – high in antioxidants

Introducing capsicum tomato & asian curry

Meet the two newest additions to the nourish family – capsicum tomato and asian curry.

Capsicum tomato is a mildly sweet and thick soup with Mediterranean flavour is full of antioxidant rich ingredients such as red capsicum, tomato, beetroot and carrot.

Asian curry is a spicy blend of sweet potato, pumpkin, spices and herbs that’s reminiscent of Thai Tom Yum curry, yet fibrous in texture to keep you satiated.

HIC Nourish soup cleanse
A delightful balance of soup, juice, smoothie and shakes.

Refreshed nourish cleanse menu

With our improved nourish menu, you’ll enjoy a greater variety of soup flavours, delicately balanced with juices, smoothies and shakes (view menu). Look forward to the familiar comfort of perennial favourites, such as almond chocolate, popeye smoothie and citrus chia, alongside savoury soup varieties like creamy mushroom and asian curry.

We’ve also introduced a 5:2 soup + juice diet for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

HIC Soup Nourish


100% natural taste

While we strive to delight the taste buds, we acknowledge that HIC soups taste different from commercial soups. Our soups blended at low heat and are 100% natural – made with whole foods and no additives or artificial flavouring. Our soups are also vegan and diary-free, which means no animal stock is used to add flavour. When you drink HIC Soup, be assured that you’re getting the honest, wholesome goodness of vegetables, herbs and spices with all the nutritious, health-giving benefits nature has to offer.

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