HIC x Soma bottles

Live Simpler. Healthier. Happier.

Make 2018 different.

Choose to live

Simpler. Healthier. Happier.

Less is more. Do what you love.
Eat well. Stay active. Sleep better.
Be thankful. Laugh lots. Give back.

That’s life on the lighter side.

Stay mindful this new year with these HIC x Soma glass bottles

HIC x Soma bottles

Simple, stylish and understated. We love these glass water bottles made from recyclable materials but more importantly, their story moved us. These bottles are manufactured by Soma, a socially responsible company that strives to be as sustainable as possible and are on a mission to end the global water crisis.

Available in three colours – mint, grey and white. Each design is accompanied with a quote to keep you mindful of life on the lighter side:

Mint – 真善美
Grey – carpe diem
White – simpler, healthier, happier
Retail Price: $59

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