3 Tips for a Healthy Smoothie

Smoothies are nutritious, fibre-rich and a refreshing beverage any time of the day. They’re so versatile, you can have it at breakfast, as a mid-afternoon snack or as post workout replenishment. If you have kids, you’ll know how easy it is to sneak some extra greens into a smoothie.

However, not all smoothies are made equal. Be sure you know what goes into your smoothie, if not, you might be taking in more calories and sugar than you bargained for.

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Here are 3 tips to ensure you’re getting the most health benefits out of your smoothie:

1. Be aware of serving sizes

It’s easy to get carried away when sipping on your favourite smoothie, so pay attention to the recommended serving size. A single serving is 8 oz or 300ml.

2. Watch the sugar level

Avoid smoothies that contain added sugar or refined sugar, which contribute empty calories. Smoothies generally contain fruit, milk or yoghurt which already contain natural sugars along with beneficial vitamins and nutrients.

When making your own smoothie, follow the 60/40 rule for a healthier smoothie – 60% fruits and 40% greens. If you’re new to greens, an easy one to start off with is spinach.

For more on sugar, read: The sugar issue.

3. Add protein & healthy fat

If your smoothie is replacing a meal, include protein and healthy fat to give keep you satiated and provide balanced nutrition. Add raw nuts or nut butter for protein.  Avocado or greek yoghurt are excellent sources of healthy fat and blend very well with smoothies.

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