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Get lithe and lean with BarreAmped classes. Barre classes tone up thighs, hips and derrière while working up a sweat.

Get 10% off their 10 or 20 class packages using this promo code HICXBARRE10.

If you’re completely new, try a 10-day unlimited class package at $125. Get $25 off with this code BARREHIC25!


Barre2barre Studio


Glass Straw Cleaners

If you’re a proud owner of one of our glass straws, you’ll be glad to know that we have straw cleaners of the perfect fit, so you can keep reusing those glass straws.

The straw cleaners are not for individual sale but we’ll gladly add them to your next order. Simply email concierge@hicjuice.com.sg with your order summary and we’ll add it to your order!

Straw cleaner

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