How to Stay Healthy on travels

How to eat healthy when you travel

We love travel, who doesn’t? But we have to admit that holidays have a way of disrupting our delicate balance of clean eating and regular workout routines back home. Here are some tips on how to eat healthy while travelling, so you don’t have to double up on gym time when it’s over.

Travel Healthy - Grocery Store

Do a grocery run

Pick up some fresh fruit and healthy snack options at a supermarket. Plan ahead when booking your accommodation, look out for supermarkets or nearby grocers, it makes eating healthy so much easier!

Healthy Snacks for Travel
Activated Nuts by The Edible Co.

Keep snacks handy

All that wanderlust can make you hungry, so pack your own snacks, like a granola bar or nuts, to keep your energy levels up while you’re out exploring especially if you’re an adventurer who tends to wander off the beaten track. That way you’ll avoid getting tempted to eat junk food when you get too hungry.

Drink lots of water

Carry a water bottle to keep yourself constantly hydrated. Avoid sweet beverages and limit your alcohol intake because those empty calories pile up really fast!

Travel Healthy Tip- Eat Fruit

Eat more fruit

Stock up on fruit at the grocery store and keep them handy throughout the day.  Juicy fruit help keep you hydrated. More importantly, those essential vitamins help to strengthen your immunity so you don’t fall sick on your holiday.

Don’t skip breakfast

Always, always have breakfast before you head out for the day. That way you won’t have to resort to whatever the airport or train station is selling, which may not appeal to you or might not be satisfying. Moreover, a nutritious breakfast will energise you for the day of travels ahead.

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