Journey to Zero

The journey to zero waste starts with one.
One less plastic straw. One less plastic bag.

Using one less plastic bag each day equates to 365 plastic bags less by the end of 2019, and that’s just one person! Imagine how much more we can accomplish as a community.

All it takes is one less each day.

To encourage you to embark on your personal journey to zero, we’ve curated three functional juice sets to support you in your health goals.

With any purchase of these juice sets, you will receive a complimentary HIC jute bag and glass straw. Together, we can use less, reduce waste and recycle more. 

jute bag & straw_600x400

Start 2019 strong with three juice sets especially curated with your health goals in mind



goji beetroot latte | flaminglow | pomegranate passion | maquila

Optimise the performance of your immune system by supporting it with essential vitamins and nutrients. Start 2019 strong and look forward to a healthier you this year.

Gut Healthy  

Gut health_1380x920

citrus chia | turmeric bunny | green elixir | enchanted waters

Your gut is home to trillions of good bacteria that help your body to function, from digestion to nutrient extraction, immune function and even mood enhancement. There’s no doubt that a healthy gut leads to a happier you. This selection of juices contain ingredients that support gut health and improves digestion.


Detox Set_1380x920

heart beet | lemon n spice | green envy | green lemonade

Your body has built-in detoxification powerhouse – your liver! But it could do with a little boost sometimes, especially with all the toxins our bodies are exposed to daily from processed foods, stress and pollution. Show your liver a little love with this detox set, made with ingredients that promote liver health.

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