How Activated Charcoal benefits you

While charcoal-infused food may have dominated instagram feeds of avid foodies in 2018 only to be replaced by the latest food trend, our activated charcoal-infused juices are here to stay and here’s why.

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a food-grade ingredient formed when organic bamboo is heated to high temperatures with steam activation and no oxygen. This jet-black charcoal is a highly adsorptive detoxifier that is able to eliminate the unwanted toxins out of your body by causing toxins.

How does it work?

It prevents your body from absorbing toxins in the stomach by binding to them. Since your body is unable to digest charcoal, it is eliminated from your body as waste along with the toxins.

How to consume activated charcoal?

It is recommended to avoid consuming activated charcoal with medication, supplements and meals. Leave at least 2 hours between consumption. We also do not encourage the consumption of more than 1 litre of any drink containing charcoal per day.

It’s important to drink lots of water to help flush those toxins out once they are bound by the charcoal.

Try our activated charcoal series

Charcoal Series

The Charcoal Series 

cococharcoal | black lemonade (500ml)

This charcoal series features our raw cold pressed juice range with a 3 day shelf life.

Hydrate with cococharcoal which features coconut water with activated charcoal. If you fancy a tangy twist, try black lemonade for a burst of Vitamin C.

ac lemonade_1_web

Activated Charcoal C-Lemonade

Comes in a carton of 12 x 280ml.

This Activated Charcoal C-Lemonade is made from cold pressed juice and has undergone cold pressure processing, so it stays good in your fridge for up to 30 days! Always refer to the best before date on each bottle.

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