The Morning Cleanse

In July, we launch The 3 Day Morning Cleanse – a program designed to all busy people (like all of us!) to embark on a detox with greater ease. It was such a hit, we decided to introduce a 5 Day Morning Cleanse so you can enjoy the full benefits of a week-long program of detox and clean eating.

How it works

Detox in the morning. Eat clean after.

The Morning Cleanse is formulated with ingredients that are high in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which are highly beneficial to your body. On top of that, they have anti-inflammatory properties and support liver health – your body’s main detoxification organ.

This is a half day cleanse over 3 or 5 days. All you need to do is to replace your breakfast with 2 bottles of juice.

Here’s a sample schedule (feel free to make it your own!)

8am: Drink the green juice

10.30am: Drink the superfood latte

1pm: Have a lean and healthy lunch

4pm: Snack on fresh fruits or raw nuts

6.30pm: Have a nutritious dinner with whole foods

Tips for Eating Clean

  • Include more wholegrain and whole foods.
  • Opt for fresh fish or lean white meat. Avoid red meat.
  • Have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Drink lots of water, herbal tea or lemon water
  • Use healthy oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Snack on raw nuts or seeds
  • Avoid fried foods, processed foods (white rice, white bread, canned food) and sugary drinks during the cleanse.
  • Stay active and continue with your exercise routine

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