6 fun ways to burn calories during CNY

Burning calories doesn’t have to involve a 10 min HITT workout or 60 min hot yoga session. ¬†Try out these fun ways to¬†increase your level of physical activity and burn some calories, while still having fun with your family and friends!

1. Go outdoors

Engaging in family bonding activities that encourage everyone to move and get some fresh air. Kite flying or a walk in the park are some activities at are suitable for everyone young and old.

Outdoors with Family

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6 fun ways to burn calories during CNY

Combat mindless snacking with mindful eating

It’s that time where¬†we usher in the New Year with well wishes of prosperity, back-to-back¬†lo hei¬†sessions and the¬†quintessential Chinese New Year goodies. What’s Chinese New Year¬†without those buttery pineapple tarts, fragrant¬†bak kwa or crisp love letters?

We all know that CNY goodies are loaded with calories¬†(how else does it taste so good?!) but that hasn’t stopped anyone from reaching for seconds, or thirds for that matter. We asked our nutritionists at HIC to share some sensible nutritional advice that won’t put a damper on the festivities so you can have your cake and eat¬†it (mindfully) too!

1. Keep to regular meal times

Don’t go hangry on Lunar New Year. While pineapple tarts and bak kwa¬†are sure to sooth the hangry soul, it’s a caloric catastrophe you’ll want to avoid.¬†Have your¬†meals at regular times so you’re less likely to make poor food choices due to a ravenous appetite.

Acai Bowl Breakfast
Breakfast helps to kickstart your metabolism for the day

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Combat mindless snacking with mindful eating

Tips for a healthier reunion dinner


Whether you’re celebrating Chinese New Year ¬†with family or friends this year, one thing’s for sure, no Lunar New Year is complete without a reunion dinner. All¬†the better if it’s home-cooked with lots of love.¬†Keep these easy tips in mind for a healthier spread for your family:

1. Steam your fish

Steaming fish retains its natural flavour and works best with fresh, white fish. Try Cantonese or Teochew style steamed fish recipes, they are quick and easy to prepare, taste delicious and are low in calories!

steamed fish

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Tips for a healthier reunion dinner