Eat your way to beautiful skin with these 6 foods


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Beauty comes from within. That couldn’t be more true when we’re talking about skin. The food we eat supplies nutrients that repair cells, rejuvenate collagen production and protect against sun damage, which really translates to supple, elastic skin with less wrinkles.

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Eat your way to beautiful skin with these 6 foods

Superfood Blends for A BETTER YOU

Curated superfood blends and juices designed for


Introducing our BETTER range of superfood blends and juice selections designed to fit seamlessly into your hectic urban lifestyle. Available in four benefits to help you
Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better and Sleep Better.

Superfood Blends | Juice Trios

Superfood Powder Blends by HIC

Superfood Blends

A blend of nutrient-dense superfood powders that delivers a concentrated boost of essential nutrients & minerals for your body. It’s simple to consume with meals, a spoonful each day supplements your daily dietary requirements and optimises your body‚Äôs vital functions.¬†Our powders are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.¬†

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Superfood Blends for A BETTER YOU

The Nourish Soup Cleanse Survival Guide

If you’re new to detox programmes and wondering what to expect, then here’s the perfect guide for you!¬†One-day cleanses are great for noobs to gently introduce their bodies to the concept of detox. The Nourish soup Cleanse is offers a more satiating ¬†experience due to its high fibre content, so you’re less likely to feel hungry throughout the day.

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Cleanse Month: 7 natural ways to detox

Cleanse Month 2017_Yoga

It’s our annual Cleanse Month and since February is the month ¬†of LOVE… it’s all about loving yourself and your body. ¬†Cleanse Month is really a time for us to¬†turn inward, pay more attention to our body and show our body some love from the inside out. Trust us, your body will thank you with a healthier, happier and lighter you. You’ll have stronger hair and nails, glowing skin and renewed energy.

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Cleanse Month: 7 natural ways to detox