Cleanse Month 2017

Cleanse Month: 7 natural ways to detox

Cleanse Month 2017_Yoga

It’s our annual Cleanse Month and since February is the month  of LOVE… it’s all about loving yourself and your body.  Cleanse Month is really a time for us to turn inward, pay more attention to our body and show our body some love from the inside out. Trust us, your body will thank you with a healthier, happier and lighter you. You’ll have stronger hair and nails, glowing skin and renewed energy.

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Weight loss myths debunked

5 weight loss myths debunked

A common misconception people have about detox programmes or cleanses is that they think of it as a form of a crash diet for quick weight loss. When in reality, cleanses for are meant to give one’s body a respite from all the processed food we consume and to allow one’s digestive system to reset itself while providing vitamin and nutrients in the form of liquid.

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