Superfood smoothies by HIC

Unveiling the Bespoke Experience

Bespoke Elixirs – Superfood smoothie concoctions, designed by our nutritionist, specially for you! 100% natural with no artificial additives or sweeteners. Made from fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and superfood powders at our nutritionists discretion, customised to meet your nutritional needs!

The bespoke elixir isn’t a medicinal potion but a discovery of the health-giving benefits of natural honest foods. 

Superfood smoothies by HIC

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Stay hydrated on your travels

3 ways to stay hydrated during your travels

Everyone loves a vacay. When it comes to globetrotting, hydration isn’t always top of mind. It starts with the flight, the dry cabin air seems to suck moisture out of you and those petite cups of water, while helpful, aren’t sufficient. Lugging a 1 litre water bottle around town isn’t a girl’s definition of travel chic. Here are 3 ways for you to stay hydrated while quenching your wanderlust.

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