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Why low-calorie foods can sabotage your weight loss efforts

When it comes to weight loss, we adhere to the general principle of keeping our intake of calories lower than our output. But not all calories are equal, so calorie-counting, or looking at calories purely in a mathematical sense, may actually backfire. If you’re cutting down your calorie intake by choosing low-calorie processed foods, then you might be getting more than what you bargained for. Most … Continue reading Why low-calorie foods can sabotage your weight loss efforts

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The key to effective weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, most of us are guilty of relying on the weighing scale to measure the effectiveness of our efforts. But weight alone doesn’t tell the whole story.

According to our nutritionists, people should focus on getting leaner instead of lighter. Not only will you look more toned, you’ll feel a lot more energetic and have lowered health risks too!

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Weight loss myths debunked

5 weight loss myths debunked

There are many reasons people struggle with keeping the weight off, but don’t let these myths be one of them! Well-meaning friends and family tend to share weight loss advice, which can sometimes be confusing. We speak to the nutritionist at HICJUICE to help debunk some of the common weight loss myths out there. 1. Greens are always good. Are they? Sweetened green juices can be … Continue reading 5 weight loss myths debunked