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We love this range of superfood lattes, just looking at their pretty hues perk us up in the mornings!

These are vegan & dairy-free lattes are made with our signature nut milks, filtered for a smooth, velvety texture.  Each latte is rich in vitamin E and infused with nutritionist-curated superfood ingredients designed to indulge your tastebuds while delivering an essential health benefit. 

Instead your usual morning or afternoon cuppa, how about supercharging your senses with one of these lovely lattes that pack a nutritional punch?

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Goji Beetroot Latte

Heart health | Nutrient boost

beetroot . goji berry . almond . cashew . cold brew coffee . medjool date . ionized water

An invigorating cafe latte infusion brimming with nutrients that improve cardiovascular and digestive health.

Goji Beetroot superfood latte

Spirulina Matcha Latte

Detox aid | Weightloss kickstarter

spirulina . matcha . almond . cashew . medjool date . ionized water

A highly potent concoction that rids toxins and supports natural liver detoxification while boosting metabolism to aid weight loss.  

Spirulina Matcha superfood latte

Cocoa Camu Latte

Beauty boost | Mood enhancer

cocoa powder . camu camu . cacao nibs . cold brew coffee . almond . cashew . ionized water

A feel good caffeinated brew that’s rich in antioxidants necessary for healthy skin, nails and hair, accompanied by positive stimulants that elevate your mood.

Cocoa camu superfood latte


Turmeric Ginger Latte

Brain health | Anti-inflammatory

turmeric . ginger . almond . cashew . medjool date . ionized water

A powerful concoction with anti-inflammatory and immune strengthening properties, along with components that improve cognitive function and support brain health.

turmeric ginger superfood latte


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